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Your Business Foundations Mini Workbook (FREE PDF Download)


Setting the foundation for your company is paramount. 

Just like building a house, without a strong stable foundation…things will crumble!

This FREE PDF Download:

  • Is a quick read so you can process quickly and move on to other important business items.
  • Breaks down the key success foundations of Core Values and Core Focus with easy to understand steps so you can take immediate action in your business.
  • Will help you create laser focus so you can be more efficient in every aspect of your business: from staffing, to operations to marketing.

"I had a strategy session with Marni and literally within just 10 minutes into the conversation, she helped me identify areas where I was leaving money on the table in my business and we quickly built a solid system in place to properly manage my leads. I was so impressed by how quickly and astutely she was in tuned to my needs and provided an easy to follow plan for a quick return. Marni definitely knows her stuff and I highly highly recommend her as a business strategy coach for anyone who wants to uplevel their game. "

Dr. Angela Tran , Denver Weight Loss Clinic

About Marni Blythe

Hi! I’m Marni! I am a Management Consultant and Business Coach.

I'm so excited you are here! I've been working to develop systems for amazing business owners just like you for the past 15 years! Here's my "why."  

After having built, bought and sold 5 of my own businesses and having worked in some of the largest ad agencies in the world in NYC, I set out on my own journey to be the best coach and "done with you" consultant. 15 years later, I've helped 68 business owners achieve huge enhancements to profitability with detailed action plans to drive sales and margin, streamline business, revamp inefficient processes, and more.

Through one-on-one coaching sessions, online programs, in-person and virtual conferences, webinars, and written content, I've been fortunate enough to connect with unbelievable entrepreneurs across the globe.  

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And the journey is only beginning...

Home Office: Raleigh, NC


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IA Management Consultant and Coach Unlike Any Other

No two businesses are alike, so why should your solutions be cookie cutter? Our company is designed to give our clients an exceptional experience tailored to their specific needs which results in enhanced profitability and the running of a frustration-free business.

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